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"It was a beautiful group session. I am grateful for all that you are teaching me. And for giving me the tools to grow." - Elizabeth

"Loved your group session. Glad I attended." - Laura

"Today was beautiful. You are such an inspiration! I loved the exercise at the end, but wasn't prepared to feel all the emotion that I did. But it was so good!" - Lisa

"Thank you! I can't tell you how much I loved the first group session. You are a great coach. I have never had a life coach and had been praying for one. Your coaching is better than I had expected. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" - Susan

"I needed to fine tune and focus on setting some goals that I could commit to. Was looking for a sort of 'life coach' or 'cheerleader' and I was referred to Rebecca; she pointed out a lot fo great things, we dissected what works and what wasn't; she got me out of my own way and helped me go from some depression and self-defeating thoughts, back to empowerment and creating what I want in my life - wish I could afford her as a constant." Terri A.

"Working with Rebecca was groundbreaking and opened up an entire new chapter of my life. She is an honest, forthright and extremely insightful coach, with years of experience and knowledge in many different areas including work, relationships, spirituality and dating!

I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to take a leap of faith into a new career, path or area of their life or to anyone looking for balance in just one particular aspect of their life that’s not working.

Rebecca is a pleasure to work with and a blessing to find."

"Rebecca was a great resource for me as I made a conscious decision to make some changes in my life. The platform that she created to achieve these changes for her clients was very remarkable and I learned a lot from her. Her sessions are informative and she never left me with questions unanswered." ~ Renee

"I had a great time learning from Rebecca. I learned anything is possible when all seven areas of my life are in alignment. Other great take aways were: a morning ritual is very important, being grateful, affirmations, meditation and letting go of negative things and people that no longer serve me. I highly recommend Rebecca as a coach️!!!" - Cheryl

I love Rebecca! Her workshop was engaging, educational, reflective and fun! What stands out is that she teaches and coaches with clear analogies and examples. I liked how we were encouraged to discuss and share ideas with others in the workshop. Her coaching is truly valuable to anyone who wants to maximize their income and live their best life.

Rebecca knows how to build instant trust with her giving and compassionate spirit. She is focused, flexible and wise. She was passionate about getting to the root cause of my inner challenge, and she provided me with the tools to to transform my life for the better. As a coach and a mentor, I experienced her as a great listener with sound advice. Her positivity and optimism help you believe more in yourself and your future success! ~ Lisa

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